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Řekneme to za Vás – ہم آپ کے لئے ترجمہ کرنے کے لئے خوش ہیں ........

Examples of our urdu translations


I. Translation urdu, Certified translation
a) Standard translation
b) Certified translation
Normopage 1.500 Kč
Normopage 1.500 Kč
II. Interpreting hebrew (Simultaneous and Consecutive)
a) Interpreting
b) Audio and video
Fee for 60 mins 2.000 Kč
Rate for 1 min recording 500 Kč
III. Proofreading
a) Text proofreading
b) Transcription
Normopage 300 Kč
Normopage 300 Kč
IV. Teaching and tuition languages
a) Individual lesson
b) Individual lesson
60 mins 2.000 Kč
90 mins 2.500 Kč

*A Standard Page is a standardised page of text, containing 1800 characters, including spaces. Page: A unit of amount of text, termed as „Page“, which applies only to the translation made by a legal interpreter. (according to the law, § 24 Art. 2 of the Decree no. 37/1967 Coll.) "

What types of translations from Urdu we do

We will prepare high quality translations exactly according to your requirements in respect of the extent, speed, and professional focus.

We provide:
  • Standard translations, which include contracts, business letters, or fiction books, but also economic and legal documents;
  • Professional translations, from Latin (history, psychology, chemistry etc.), for which a special terminology or other materials and information must be  searched for;
  • Certified translations;
  • Express translations, over 5 standard pages processed within 24 hours, overnight, or over the weekend;
  • Proofreading, of the text supplied by the customer, with emphasis on grammatical and stylistic accuracy of the text and with minimal interference with the translation itself;


Václavské náměstí 19/832, Praha 1

on phone: +420 602 276 400 – we speak fluently czech, english and russian 

on e-mailu or Skype: jsvinternatio­nalassistantser­vice