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JSV International Assistant Service s.r.o. Executive Personal Assistant and Consultant

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Concierge & Consultancy & Lifestyle Services

Price list Concierge Services

    • Leisure time: Personal trainer in fitness, personal coach, Personal stylist, Fashion shows, Fashion designer (styling, visage, make-up, cosmetics), Consultancy & Advice, Doctor´s consul­tancy, Surprise trip and pre-wedding party, Golf tee time reservations, Help with tourist and leisure activities, GPS navigator, Hot Air Balloon Rides, Chartered Aircraft, Yachts & Helicopters, Exotic Automobile Rentals.
    • Shopping concierge: Personal shopper, adviser, help, Floral Services, Comedians & Magicians, Corporate Gifts & Delivery, Celebrity bookings, Musicians.
    • Special: Marriage Proposal Settings, Romantic dinners, Auction Representation.

      What is concierge ?
      Services: it is an Assistant who does her best in order to satisfied customer´s needs.

      A Concierge person must manage all possible and impossible requirements, and if successful, it is highly appreciated. Every concierge is building networking contacts so as to make his/her work much more smoother.

      „Concierge is only as good, as is his/her network of contacts“

    Executive Personal Assistant
    • Shopping: Personal Shooping Assistant, Appliances for the home, Special gifts or flowers, Source a specific product (We can research products/services, find out prices and availability, and arrange delivery), Delivery of meals, Food / Grocery shopping. Shopping – jewel and gem.
    • Leisure: Reservations: Complete holidays, Time building activities, Weekends away, Activity days, Personal itinerary, Airport transfers & taxis, Hire Car & bicykle & limousine & yacht, Reservations tickets: Restaurants & Theatre & Cinema & Concerts & Clubs & Cabarets. Catering service, wedding planning, flower delivery, gift sourcing / purchasing, Jewellery purchase/ selecting.
    • Organise meetings, social, cultural events: Event timing, sport activities (outdoor and indoor) , theatre tickets, Opera and Concert hall tickets, cinema.
    • Car & Pick-up service: Parking permit applications, Insurance policy administration, STK control (technical), Mechanic (Car), Personal chauffeur, Pick-up: Airport, train station, rent a car, air, yacht, limousine charters, reserve tickets, flights.
    • Teaching & Coaching: Languages, special training programs, etc.
    • Training programs: Assistants: Personal, Virtual, Online, Office, Legal, Executive, Research, Teaching, Marketing, Realtor, Celebrity, Bridal, Private.
    • IT Consultancy: IT consulting, Computer consultancy, Computing consultancy, technology consulting business and technology services or IT advisory), Maintenance and installation of software, optimization and mercantile systems, Custom development and tailored programming, Information technology, Complete backup of computer data, computer virus removing, Installing a new computer in the corporate network.
    • Information technology: Technical assistance for network PC, Moving data from old computer to new, Technology Solutions (websites, PDAs), Installing the printer group, Remote administration of servers and applications, hosting and server solutions, data Backup.
    • Audio/Visual system organisation: Transfer VHS, Overview of companies offering HIFI, Modular accounting system, systems for protection, Visual Communication systéme, Visual Information Systems.
    • Legal documents: Legalization of contracts and legal acts, protect the interests of private individuals and entrepreneurs, Social and legal advice, Assistance with negotiations with the authorities and courts, registration of individuals and legal persons, representation in court, drafting contracts.
    • Accountancy: Management of simple and double-entry accounting, Accounting and tax records, Payroll Accounting, audited financial statements, preparation of accounting statements, tax advice, Administration documents of debts and commitments, VAT, Paper documents ( Financial authority, Healthy & Social insurance, Taxes, Customs.)
    • Insurance & Consultancy: Mortgage service, Escrow Service, Title service, Homeowners Insurance, Home protection plan, Property management, Home security system, Commercial Real estate, new homes, Luxury estate marketing, utility hook up, etc.
    • Legal consultancy: The Legal Consultancy offers bespoke legal products to many different groups of clients. We offer our services to affinity groups, motor insurers, insurance brokers, motor fleets, businesses, trade organisations and the public.
    • Accountancy: Accountancy, or accounting, is the production of financial records about an organization. Accountancy generally produces financial statements that show in money terms the economic resources under the control of management; selecting information that is relevant and representing it faithfully.
      Accountancy overlaps heavily with bookkeeping, auditing and taxation.
    • Insurance & Consultancy: Insurance
    • Real estate: Sale, purchase of real estate, Purchase, sale and rental of apartments, houses and apartment buildings, land and recreational facilities, Mediation of mortgages, Complete legal and tax services.