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Relocation services

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    • Corporate Relocation Management:
      When an employee is moving to a new location, there is a very high element of strees, not only on the employee, but for the business also.

      We can help you with accounting, payroll compliance, mortgage options, taxation matters, real estate, utilities and services. In fact, whatever your relocation needs are, we can help and provide you will all of the necessary services.

      We tailor fit our package to suit the needs of your corporatiom and your employee. We will provide a dedicated agent who will be interface between the corporation, the employee and all of the various organisations and businesses that cause stress to the relocated employee.
    • Global Relocation:
      Our specialist will instigate contact with your associate to provide an overview of your relocation process. Each of business process will be explained, and a strong relationship will be established between your new associate and our specialist on your behalf.

      This communication will continue through the relocation process and guarantees a successful, satisfactory move.
    • National Relocation:
      Welcome services
      Good-bye services
      Guidelines: Relocating to the Czech Republic
    Executive Personal Assistant
    • Baby care: Baby-sitter, Nanny and home care recruitment, Maternity & new baby arrival helper, Escorting children to school and other daily activity, Tutorial classes for children (languages and basic level of essential knowledge), children welfare, looking after handicapped, seriously sick people, and the elderly, Pet Care Service (feeding, walks, grooming), Delivery of meals, Food / Grocery shopping.
    • Event hosting: Professional hostess publicity, Photography shoot (any social, cultural, familiar occasions), Propaganda & be face of your product, modeling photo shooting.
    • Guide: Guide locally and nationally, entertain visiting customers, relatives and accompanying persons, acquaintance.
    • Relocation service: Property & Apartment & Residence & Villa search, Property maintenance, Purchase & coordinating with Real estate Agent / Company, Rental management & tenant liaisons.
    • Moving service: Search movers (licensed and insured), local and national moving companies, Professional assistance by an experienced Move Specialist.
    • Connect utilities: TV, Internet, Phone, Electricity, Natural Gas (hook up, changes, handle billings).
    • Home service: Research insurance quotes and repair estimates, Cleaners, gardeners, upholstery plumbers, etc., Organize bill payments, Christmas card mailing lists.
    • Manager: Housekeeper, maintenance man, plumber, electrician, repairman, painter, building – reconstruction work, cleaning services, security, etc.
    • Shopping: Groceries, clothes, domestic items, international and domestic courier service, home and office delivery, collecting dry-cleaning, Laundry service, ironing.
    • Attending doctor: Attending (Dentist, General Doctor, Alternative therapists), collecting prescription, go to pharmacy, donate blood, First-aid.
    • Phone and technical loading: : iPhone, Android, IT service, telecommunication and other provisions.
    • Meeting & Greeting & Welcoming: Friends, family, Managers, Partners.
    • Helping to find: Partner, Relationship, help in interpersonal communication and relations, encouragement of self confidence.
    • Attending: Sport & Fitness if are you work-shy, gifts for engaged couple, devise adrenaline and other adventurous, exciting tours, trips.
    • Written paper: Dissertations, Theses, Academic essays, Lectures, speeches.
    • Charity: Donate blood, etc.
    • Other services: (Meal service, reminder service, handling mini-emergencies, etc.).
    • Unique request