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I. Certified translation
a) Certified translation
b) More languages versions
Normopages 800 Kč
Normopages 1.400 Kč

*A Standard Page is a standardised page of text, containing 1800 characters, including spaces. Page: A unit of amount of text, termed as „Page“, which applies only to the translation made by a legal interpreter. (according to the law, § 24 Art. 2 of the Decree no. 37/1967 Coll.) "

Certified translations rank among the most demanding translation. These are official documents, which become an integral, notarially connected part of court files. The demands on them are really high and it is therefore necessary for them to be made only by true professionals. Semantic accuracy and thoroughness are here in the first place.

How soon you can expect certified translation ?

We know that fast processing is very important nowadays. For this reason, we will deliver a one-page certified translation within 24 hours without any extra charge.

We will also arrange for copies of personal and other documents etc.

Certified translations of more than one page will be prepared within 3–5 working days, according to our agreement. We will inform you via SMS about the exact date of completion and the cost of the translation.